Original by Alex - '99Clairelle (written in 1998)

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Original by Alex - '97 Once upon the time, There was a king and a queen who wanted a child. The queenwanted a boy and the king a girl. However one day the queen announcedthat she awaited a baby. A few months later, the baby arrived.

It was a girl! The king and the queen decided to call it Clairelle.

The day of its baptism arrived. All the fairies came togive her a gift. But the malicious fairy arrived, what happened then? She gave her the gift to change into squirrel, hind ormouse.  Original by Alex - '99
Original by Alex - '99 At 16 years, Clairelle said : " I will leave to see the malicious fairy, speak to hear and have an explanation.  ". Clairelle sought its cover and its basket full with food for the animals of the forest.
When she arrived at the maisonnette in the forest, it sounded.A voice said : " enter! " She went in the verydirty maisonnette, the white cloths were very black and the socks werefull with holes. Clairelle asked the fairy " can you stopchanging me into animals ? ". Original by Alex - '99

" I would like to " answered the witch " but then for tomorrow, I want that my house to be cleaned ".

All the afternoon, Clairelle cried. In the evening, she waschanged into a squirrel. And with its tail, it swept.

The following day, the fairy returned and said to her : " now repair my socks for tomorrow. ". All the afternoon, Clairelle cried. And in the evening, she was changed into a mouse. With its small legs, it knitted.

The following day, the fairy returned and said to her : " clean my cloths for tomorrow ". Allthe afternoon, Clairelle cried but prepared the soap for thedetergent. In the evening, she changed into a hind. It took the cloths andsoaked them into water.

The following day, the fairy returned and said to her : " thank you for all. I will not change you any more into an animal. Hold, to reward you, three large pieces of gold and don't ever comme back here return ".

Original by Alex - '99

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